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We Need to Report on the BNP

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Any publicity is good publicity, according to Nick Griffin, BNP party leader. Until last week, that is.

The BNP have long argued that coverage in the press – whether positive or negative – is a good way to raise their profile.  

searchlightIndeed, the mainstream media seemed to reach a consensus that reporting about the BNP helped to give the party a veneer of respectability. See more about this debate here. As such, their party conference in November was barely reported and, until recently, coverage was generally confined to specialist publications, such as the excellent Searchlight magazine.

But the furore over the leaked BNP list last week brought the party firmly back onto the agenda of the mainstream press. And this, I believe, can only be a good thing.

As great a resource as Searchlight is, it is surely mainly preaching to the converted.  The horror and revulsion about the BNP generated by the mainstream media last week helped to do what will hopefully prove to be irreversible damage to the reputation of the BNP.

With the European parliamentary elections coming up, in which the BNP hope that a disproportionate amount of ‘protest voters’ will enable them to win seats, it is increasingly important for the general public to realise what the BNP actually stand for – and for this to motivate them to go out and vote for parties which actually represent what Britain stands for.

Written by bethmellor

November 24, 2008 at 6:24 pm

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  1. Just a bit of a concern about how many people from ‘respectable’ professions were on that list. Might that not lend the BNP itself some respectability and credibility?

    Rhona Haslewood

    November 26, 2008 at 5:24 pm

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